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A Place for Student Recordings?


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    It would be nice if there was a place to submit student recordings so that only other members could hear them without exposing them to the entire internet! I do not trust YouTube and SoundCloud deleting things when you want them deleted. I used to have my own web-space for this, but I have changed providers and it is no longer possible.

    Thierry Notermans

    Hi Mark,
    Join the club.
    Like you, I do not want to put public videos on youtube.
    Just to answer your question, there is a “Post Your Playing” section in this forum where you can put your videos links. I think it’s great to share our progresses with one another.

    To keep privacy, you can put your youtube video as “not public” so that only people who has the youtube link can access the video. So nobody else on the net will be able to see it.
    Nevertheless, dont’ put the video as “private”, otherwize, nobody willie get access.

    Best regards,


    Hey Mark, I agree with Thierry. Definitely post in the forum here. If you’re worried about privacy, here are a few things to note about posting a video in the forum.

    1. Your video is unlikely to be found by non-pianists on our forum
    2. Our forum is managed and any “bad seeds” on the forum will be banned and weeded out
    3. We have a great group of dedicated students on the forum that want to see everyone succeed. So, it is a very welcoming place.

    Here is a tutorial on how to upload your piano video to YouTube.

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