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About the new coaching program

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    Hello Willie

    Lot of question about this new coaching

    I must admit i’m a bit disappointed . With the old skype coaching, I was just begining to be more relax and having fun and able to plan the next step.

    But hope it will be even better and i know you try to do the best for all.

    You tell in the video no more skype so how the new coaching will be realised ? No news on the site (or i miss something ?) about how it will be and the schedule is for the next week.

    Seing you soon .


    Cant find any “my coaching page ” on the forum where you tell all the details to how it will work as you said on the video of this page https://pianowithwillie.com/coaching/coaching-groups/. Did i miss something ?

    I wasnt able to participate live to the “group coaching test” is the video of it available somewhere ?



    Hey Pierre,

    The site was updated this morning. You can now see links to your coaching group here:


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