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Book 3 Unit 5 Finally Summer….

  • Michael O’Meagher

    What are your thoughts on how I change the tempo to try and add emotion to my arraignment? Mk

    Michèle Kessler

    Hi Michael,

    Hmm… I think the song and the improv have to be played at the same speed. There are cases when the tempo is twice as fast during the improv (maybe not only), but I am not sure whether this would be nice for a ballad. I don’t know if more emotion would result from speeding up the tempo. I would say that emotion is maybe more related to dynamics, but not sure… I would check all this with Willie!

    Considering you are finishing the HSP course, I would finally say that you need time to expand your knowledge of piano playing in order to better express what you feel! Be patient…

    Take care.


    Michael O’Meagher

    Michele: Thank you for your comments. Willie and I talked about using “controlled” tempo variation to create emotion. This is often used in Ambient piano arrangement. In a “traditional” jazz arrangement, I would agree with you. Check out Melody at Night with You – Keith Jarrett

    I know I need more practice. Moving on to HSP Bk 3 Unit 6. Time for some Rock. Mk

    Michèle Kessler

    Thanks, Michael! I have learned something.
    Did Willie mention also the ‘rubato’ technique? Is it similar?
    Very close to SPJ now…
    Take care.

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