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    Hi Willie,

    I am a long time member. Love the site, love the lessons. Happy to pay.

    I am however disillusioned as to the lack of fresh content. I appreciate the fact that you are only a few staff, and also appreciate the need for you guys to have vacation/holidays, but at the same time.. expect fresh content for my membership payment.

    It’s been two months without content (correct me if i’m wrong). For my membership, it’s quite a lot from my wage indeed.

    Two months seems excessive. I understand there is back content, But i have watched/consumed… so each month I sort of expected new content. No?


    Steve Bohringer

    John, I see your point. As for me, there is enough old content to keep me entertained. I do, however, miss the “old days”. There would be a lesson each week with a rotation (rock, blues, latin, gospel, and of course jazz (some country & new age thrown in). I have suggested some lesson ideas here but the response has been underwhelming.
    I still love the site.

    Thomas LaCroix

    As you know, Willie is moving everything to an entirely new platform. If you have gone through a core system software conversion at your company/office, you will understand how intensive it is. You can’t even think of anything else until it is working. I think we just need to be a little patient.

    Steve Bohringer

    Tom, You crack me up. I was a DBA for three decades and I know what a system conversion involves. I was not complaining or even whining. I was reminiscing about the good ole days. When I wrote “the response has been underwhelming”, I did not mean Willie. I was referring to the students who do not get involved in the forums. The lessons are great and the extra clinics Willie does are greatly appreciated.


    Hey guys, thanks for the lively discussion! 🙂

    OK, so I don’t always do the best job communicating every detail of what we’re up to at Jazzedge. So let me lay out my plan here in a bit more detail…

    1. The site move is planned for March 1st. We are busy re-encoding over 400 lesson videos, uploading them, categorizing, adding to site, etc. It’s a big job, but the site is coming along nicely.

    2. New lessons will be starting up again in March. I have a couple of sponsored lessons to do, but moving forward I’m just going to take lesson suggestions through a Facebook group or something like that.

    3. Forums. Sorry to say, they are dying. With the advent of social media, people just don’t use online forums the way they used to. With that in mind, we will likely make a move to a private Facebook group for students.

    As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so keep writing them here. I see and READ every post that comes through the forum, even if I don’t respond right away.


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