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Hi, not sure where to start

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    Darren Roberts

    Hi, I’m new here and not sure where to start with the videos, there are so many. I’m intermediate level currently, I can play most songs by looking at the chords and bashing them out in my own way. I’d like to learn more chord voicings and more rhythms. I play a lot with friends, we pick songs and play them, but I play most songs basically the same. The types of music we play are Rock, Pop, Blues, I can play very basic 12 bar blues in the key of C only. So I’m just asking for a bit of advice on which lessons and courses are best for me to start with?

    Many Thanks

    Michèle Kessler

    Welcome to you, Darren!

    I would suggest you schedule the initial one-on-one Lesson with Willie (see the Coaching page on the site).

    However, as next Coaching Session is in a couple of days, Wednesday 28 November, at 10:00am Eastern time, it would be a great opportunity to get right away some advice from Willie and to meet with other members!

    See you soon.


    Luciano Cortes

    Hi and welcome Darren. I know exactly where you´re coming from as I´ve been there myself. What I did was start with piano essentials and chord essentials, as that will give a really strong foundation. This will take a some time of course and is kind of tedious to study but really beneficial, and to not get to bored with these fundamentals I mix it up with a song which at the moment I´m studying Ben´s Blues. This is the approach I´ve taken and is working pretty well for me. It might not be your case but just wanted to give my input.

    All the best.


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