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How to approach learning multi style jazz funk latin

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    My question is how manage the practise routine for learning different style

    Like other had already pointed it PianowithWille offer such great direction in different style i’m mad about.. i’m often lost in my piano plans …

    And when lost bad habit come again … not working just playing what i already know …

    thanks for sharing

    Thierry Notermans


    Finding a good practice routing has always been my personal challenge.
    And I have the same problem as you have : I’m interested in playing all styles of piano music : Blues, Gospel, Funk, Jazz…

    But the key I think is to stay focused.
    Personally I have found the solution : the “piano sucess map”.

    Try it, you’ll not be disappointed.


    I will take some premium leeson after i improve a little my technic so i will get my personnal success map..

    But so much “jumpin” in style ; timing , triplet or straight feel, … what did Willie suggest you : more one style during a month or two, or playing one style a day or all style during 15 min the same day…

    Thierry Notermans

    Hi Pierre,
    Paul has suggested me a 4 weeks Success map with three main parts :
    1) some technical skills with the practice of ii-V-I progressions/licks ;
    2) a more jazz reharm course with the lesson “Someone to watch over me” ;
    3) a blues course (the basics).

    So as you notice, I practice at least two styles, but the techniques learned for one style can often be used to others.
    I’m practicing around 15′ a day each exercise and do not focus on only one.
    Of course, I wish I could also practice funk and Gospel, two of my other favorites styles, but I think I should remain focus to be successful. So one step at a time…

    Hope it helps.


    You must be right i suppose.. even its lot of frustration 🙂

    Merci Thierry

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