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Lets have a free master class with Chick Corea

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    here is the link http://chickcoreamusicworkshops.com/video-corea-clarke-masterclass

    a video with some interesting input , i just begin to see it … seems nice

    Its totally free , we just send our email and we got a password to see the private youtube video


    I checked it out. Looks interesting. However, when I viewed it yesterday it was the middle of the night and had to keep the volume down, so I missed a lot of what Stanley said. It is 1 am now, so I will have to view it later.


    I notice the in my email box this morning, there was a transcript of the masterclass. Nice Touch!


    Thierry Notermans

    Around 19′ of the video, there is an interesting question of a student regarding the interest for us to transcribe some great pianists’ solos.
    To be linked to Paul’s transcription challenge… 😉

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