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My Romance – Sheet music note value confusion

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    I’m working on My Romance at the moment as part of my coaching plan with Willie and wanted to know how others have interpreted a few of the note values in a few bars in the sheet music (I’ll give the example specific to Step 3).

    In bar 8, there is a dotted half note D followed by a half note D which seems to result in 5 beats of D in a 4 beat measure. Should the first D be held for beats 1-2-3 with no D on beat 4 or only for 2 beats and then play the D again with the second chord on beat 3. I have essentially the same question for Bars 14 and 17. I’ve tried to extract what Willie is doing from the video but it goes by so fast.


    This is jazz. Fakebook or realbook versions or even Willie’s sheet music charts of standards are only vague approximations and shouldn’t or can’t be followed exactly. (It would be different if he’s charting out a specific technique, like rhythm studies.) Listen to great versions of the song if you have Spotify or Apple Music. YouTube also I’m sure. Memorize how the great singers or instrumentalists phrase the tunes, the bars in question for you. Which ones do you like? Use their phrasing and timing.

    I’d guess Bill Evans did the most famous piano version of this song (the live one at the Village Vanguard), but it would probably most help you to listen to singers—I quickly found Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett versions.

    Good luck! Hope this helps.


    Thanks Chris for your response. Gord was right though, there was a notation mistake in the music which we fixed. Thanks to both of you for posting about this!


    Chris, thanks for the pointers on versions to listen to and sorry for my tardy response. We were away for a while.


    Oops! Sorry for my very tardy response too. Thanks for the correction, Willie. Hope I didn’t confuse you, Gord. I should have looked at the specific sheet music in question before opining. I’ll stand on my answer in general for commercial fake books. Cheers!

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