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  • Janet Hudgins

    I’m taking a course on Reharmonization and each session, or most, are meant to show a a fact or rule in constructing chords but there are no notes. A list of these such as 1, 3, 6 are interchangeable, how to find a tritone, etc., its basic construction and what it does… would be very helpful in plain, focussed language. As it is I’m finding it very difficult to follow.

    Michèle Kessler

    Hi Janet!

    Thanks for posting! I wish I could help you…

    May I suggest you submit your comments and question during a Coaching Session?
    Next one takes place on Tuesday 31 March, at 3pm Eastern time.

    Please let me know if you can participate. If not, I will try to get you an answer.

    Take care.


    Janet Hudgins

    Hi Michèle:

    Not to worry and thanks for your response.



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