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On-screen keyboard displaying notes played from midi file?

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    I’m running a mac with garageband. Would like to be able to take a midi file, play/control it on the mac, and see a keyboard visual of notes played (as we see in the tutorials for example). Any ideas?



    To clarify, I want to see the keys played on an on-screen keyboard, (from the midi file), not musical notation.

    Thierry Notermans

    Hi Jamie,
    I’m not a garage band specialist and don’t really know what you can do with it but if you’re looking for a good midi player that will show you the notes (and many more features like looping some section and changing the tempo), have a look at the Home Concert Xtreme software (http://timewarptech.com/hcx.php).

    Willie speak about it in one of his really old lessons.

    Frank Årre

    Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard

    I downloaded and installed this on my pc running windows 10 without any problems.

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