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Piano Essentials vs. Chord Essentials


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    Jason Shapiro

    Has anyone, who is really wanting to get a solid foundation on the essentials, found a good practice approach regarding these two courses? Finish all of Piano Essentials first, and then move on to Chord Essentials (or vice versa)? Simultaneously work on a single key in both courses?

    Michèle Kessler

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your message.

    Piano Essentials are first, and Chord Essentials come afterwards (the first Chord Essentials Lesson refers to this order). Often, Willie suggests to start by learning the top half page of the Piano Essentials in 12 keys (because it’s a huge work to do it all!), and practice some patterns only of the Chord Essentials (same reason!). However, this depends on each student… That’s why, in case you haven’t had an initial coaching session with Willie, I would suggest you schedule one!

    Hope this helps a little bit.


    Jason Shapiro

    Perfect – thank you Michèle!

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