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Pivot Chords and relative major/minors

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    Eddy P

    If you look at the chord progression for ‘Speak Low’, it goes like this :

    | Gm7|C7 |Gm7
    C7| Gm7|C7 |Am7(b5)
    Eb7|Am7 D7|Gm7|C7

    I think this starts as a 2-5-1 in the key of F, but then it pivots elsewhere,using the Am7(b5) chord, but based on the chords that follow, I dont recognize the progressions or the key. I am guessing 2-5-1 minor in the key of G, but there are still some chords I am wondering about…Bbm7 and Eb7

    Can anybody explain this harmonic journey ?

    Thanks in advance !

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