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READ: How Do I Get Help Directly From Willie?

  • Keymaster

    Hey guys, there are (3) ways to get help from me directly.

    1. Initial coaching session with me – included with a Coaching With Willie memberships. Every student’s needs is a bit different and during this initial session I will give you suggestions on what to practice and how to get more direction in your playing. All sessions are recorded. Learn more.
    2. Group coaching – available to all members of Coaching With Willie, group coaching lets students ask me questions and get direction. Each student has their turn to ask questions that are relevant to their needs. Learn more.
    3. You can submit a support question. Please note, this is best for quick, simple questions like “Can you recommend a good lesson to do after Ben’s Blues?” Longer, more complicated questions that need a piano I will defer you to one of the two options above.

    Social Media:

    You can also join me at the official PianoWithWillie Facebook Group.

    Please note – I do not post much in the Facebook group or on this forum. The majority of my communication with students is in the form of the three options above. I have many students and am constantly updating the sites with new and exciting technology and I can only fit the 3 coaching options above into my packed schedule. So, if I don’t answer you on Facebook or in this forum, that is why. Plus, many questions are best answered with a piano in front of me rather than via text. Thank you for understanding!
    Ernest W Davis Jr

    I came on Jan 1, 2018 and found I had procrastinated too long and missed out on the once-a-month one on one included with the Studio Subscription. Bummer. I do understand though: You’re getting stretched a little thin.

    I’m so glad you’re still trying to make it work just in a little different format; the Coaching Group. Still gives us some one-on-one AND gives us the chance to be in a group setting which has it’s OWN benefits.

    Most of all, I am glad it is YOU at the helm of EVERY little thing that goes on at PianoWithWillie. I did not come here to interact with or take instruction from a “staff” instructor. I came here to learn from YOU specifically and I am grateful for all you do to continue to make that work as I do understand that the more you grow – congratulations on the success – the harder that becomes.

    So, I just wanted you to know: They cloned a monkey here recently. Another Willie would be wonderful. May be something to look into. 😉


    Dale Mellon

    I have a question (I’m not sure if it this is the place to ask it) – My band is covering the 1990 catchy Canadian song, “She Ain’t Pretty” by The Northern Pikes. I can’t find any hints online as to what to play for the piano in the song. The key is in A, and I’m guessing A minor pentatonic scale. It sounds like they might be playing quartals in parts? Any quick tips would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance!

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