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SPJ Beginning Unit 5

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    Michael O’Meagher

    Hello… Well here it is at 100 bpm. This is an abbreviated arrangement of linear melodic motion and harmonic motion presented in Unit 5. I’m working on a longer arrangement but for posting here I wanted to try and keep it about 1 min. 120 bpm is calling… Practice, Practice, Practice….
    Having fun, having fun, having fun


    Michèle Kessler

    Very good, Michael!
    Each video is a real step forward! You are progressing particularly fast.
    Having fun is the key!
    See you soon.

    Ronald J. C.

    Nice work Michael…really good stuff, especially the Time and the Dynamics at the end. Ronald

    Michael O’Meagher

    Thank you. I appreciate your comment. I think I should start watching for your videos. You have some interesting takes on learning to play piano. You are giving me some ideas to consider. Actually I’m working on one now. I want to create a log of improvisation licks and learn them and then be able to add them as needed.

    Have to go. Limited on time and I want to get some practice in.

    You take care: Mk

    Thomas LaCroix

    Hi Michael. Sorry I am late to the party. The playing is nice. It looks like you are using an old iPod (I have one too) a camcorder and a iPhone. The piano sounds really nice. I was wondering if you recorded the sound through the camcorder also. If the case can you let me know which one you have.

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