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tablet for sheet music?

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    Diana T.

    Does anyone here use a tablet to display PWW sheet music? I own an 8″ tablet, but it’s definitely too small for sheet music and requires a lot of scrolling while playing.

    I’m interested to know which tablet screen size you’d recommend as optimal as well as processor/speed/memory? I’m only talking about a devoted tablet to sheet music, with Adobe Reader to add my comments, no games/web browsing, etc. Any recommendations? Thanks.

    Thomas LaCroix

    Hi Diana, I use a 12” iPad with ForScore. It works great for any sheet music in PDF format.

    Diana T.

    Excellent, thank you Thomas for your suggestion. I might look into a 12″ tablet. However, on second thought, I just thought of using my 24″ display monitor, which is right next to my piano. Willie uses display monitors during his live training sessions and this is a great set up.

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