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    Anthony Longhitano

    During a recent Coaching with Willie session, there was a question about music notation software.
    Willie mentioned Finale and Sibelius.

    I just wanted to add MuseScore (https://musescore.org/en), which is free. I haven’t used either Finale or Sibelius, but I have used MuseScore a bit and it is pretty flexible. It is a bit of a learning curve to get started, I don’t know how typical that is of this type of software, but there’s lots of documentation and videos available on the Web.

    Anthony L

    Michèle Kessler

    Thanks, Anthony!

    I guess Mona in particular will appreciate your contribution here, as she was asking the question.

    As far as I am concerned, I use Sibelius. However, with my new MacBook Pro, the Avid Application Manager is not running correctly anymore. This is a problem I still have to solve, probably related to the firewall, but not sure. Has it been an issue for someone else? Any help would be appreciated!

    Take care.


    Mona Lerch

    Hi Anthony,

    Michèle has such a good memory. She remembered that I was asking for a note writing program.

    Thank you for your advice, Gerry also told me to try “musescore”, but I don’t know how to use “musescore”. I didn’t find anything for to write notes. (Willie’s idea was Finale / Sibelius).

    My problem is, when I’m sitting at tha piano I have so many ideas but no time and patience enough for to write down everything.

    I should have a robot, that would help me!!

    Have a nice time


    Anthony Longhitano

    Hi, Mona.

    I don’t have a vested interest in Musescore…I like it because it’s free and available.

    If you want to try it, here is a link to some video tutorials:


    and here is a link to the manual


    I have used it a little and it seems pretty flexible, but I will admit that it takes
    work to learn how to use it…it’s not intuitive. I don’t know if that is just an issue with Musescore or if it’s a general characteristic of notation software.


    PS: I think your idea of writing down your ideas is a good one. I sometimes do the same. Another alternative is to keep an audio recorder going while you play, so you can at least try to figure out, by ear, what you have done in the past. Or, even better, a video recorder so you can see where you put your hands while playing.

    Mona Lerch

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you very much.

    I will have a look to the handbook.

    I often send a video to the coaching. So I have many things recorded. (but not on paper)!

    Looking forward to hear you play the piano.


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