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useful random-note generator


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    Peter Rogers

    I’ve been practicing triads lately, and this tool has come in handy — you give it a delay time (in seconds) and a number of notes, and it generates random notes for you. For instance, I’ve picked “5 seconds” and “1”, and it shows me a new note in a big display every five seconds.

    currently I’m scurrying around playing the major chord rooted at each note it shows, trying to pick whichever inversion will let me keep my hand more-or-less in place. But you can also have it show clusters of notes and which specific notes you want it to select from. Figured it might be useful to other folks here. 🙂

    Michèle Kessler

    Thanks, Peter, for this great info!

    Have a very good day.


    Javier T

    Interesting, thanx!

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