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Which MIDI keyboard controller to choose

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    Thierry Notermans

    Dear all,
    As I’m following the new Jazz Theory classes from Willie, I’d like to spend more time in trying to reharm and come up with my own sound…
    Therefore, I’ll use Sibelius a bit more than in the past.
    The problem is that my computer is far from my piano, so when I find something cool, I have to quickly leave my piano to go to my PC and try to put the right notes and rhythms in Sibelius.
    Of course I could make notations on paper, but… I’m lazy (and this is not so easy for me).

    So I’m looking for a MIDI keyboard controller to put directly on my PC in order to test sounds and reharm directly from my PC desk.
    I forgot to mention that my 2 daughters begin to play the piano as well, so sometimes, my piano availability is not guaranteed, so I need a backup solution 😉 ;-)…

    On the net, I’ve found the M-audio Keystation 88 mkii which seems to be a very good compromise between quality and price (199$).
    Of course it would be great to have a 88-Key Graded Hammer-Action type of keyboard, but the budget is really not the same.

    Does anyone use the M-audio keystation ?
    Or does anyone have recommandations for me ?

    Thanks in advance


    For what you are looking to do that would be a great option. You are just using it as an input for your computer. It will be useful for creating your own drum tracks.


    Hi Thierry

    i will choose for that purpose more a simple one no need of 88 keys .
    I choose this one the Icon ikey 4 37 keys much enough (with the transposition button)

    the more reknown is the iRig Keys Pro but the keyboard action is more as a toy than an instrument in my point of view , i have both under my fingers.

    and the second interesting thing is that when you travel you have one keyboard with you 🙂 … and even you can play it when plugged in your smartphone .

    but for a second keyboard with 88 keys at home ah … a second-handed should be a better choice, for the key action ?

    Philipp Gruschka

    Hi Thierry, I’m using a M-Audio 61 mkii and I like the key action of this controller. The key action is not too light like on other modells. With 61 keys I can still put it on my desk and there are buttons for changing the octave if I need to. I found It for 149 €.

    Thierry Notermans

    Thanks for your feedback Ric, Pierre and Philipp !


    If it’s for playing and you don’t mind paying a bit more, definitely this solution:

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